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What is included in the maintenance?

The maintenance service includes the following:

  • Lawn (mowing, fertilizing and aerating)
  • Hedges (maintain a clean edge)
  • Weed control
  • Basic pruning (extra charges will be applied for excessive pruning)
  • General clean up of the premises (leaf blowing and removal of debris)

How often does Le Jardinier maintain your property?

You have the option of choosing 4 times per month (weekly) or 2 times per month (bi-monthly).

Is there an extra charge for extra services (or extra hours) beyond normal maintenance?

Yes, extra charges are applied with an hourly rate. Some examples of additional fees are replacement of plants and shrubs (material and labor charged accordingly), excessive planting, pruning, and hauling, clean up and fertilizer (lawn and plants).

Is there an extra charge for fertilizer and weed killer?

Yes, the fees are added to your monthly invoice. Fertilizer is usually applied 3 times per year (early spring, early summer and fall). Weed killer is applied as needed.

What happens during the winter/rainy months? Does Le Jardinier continue service during this time of year?

Our maintenance service is a year contract. We work year round to maintain your property. It is important for us to continue working on your property, especially during the winter months. The wind and storms can do a lot of damage to your property and this way we can continue to keep your property under control and maintain it to your satisfaction. By maintaining your property year round, you will not incur a clean up fee in March (beginning of spring).

Do you offer maintenance services for commercial properties?

Yes, Le Jardinier services all type of properties and all sizes. See the information under services for more information on Commercial Properties.

Is Le Jardinier fully licensed and insured?

Yes, we have a Contractor’s License, Business License, Liability Insurance, Commercial Automobile Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Do you offer consultation services or advice?

Yes, Le Jardinier offers consultation services for property design or landscape advice on plant options, design, etc. We charge an hourly fee of a minimum of $75 per hour.

What are your maintenance fees?

The maintenance fee depends on the size of your property and the number of times we service it each month. Contact Franck Perdriel at 415.385.3478 or for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.
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